GENIUS: Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Education is a journal presented by Islamic Early Childhood Education Program and the Faculty of Islamic Education and Teacher Training of IAIN Jember. This journal focuses on early childhood studies, such as early childhood education and developments.

GENIUS: Indonesian Journal of Early Childhood Education publishes various articles adapted from research results, studies and analysis results which discusses the topics within the scope of Early Childhood Education.The topics are mentioned below :
1. Development of Moral and Religious Values.
2. Physical Motoric Development.
3. Social and Emotional Development.
4. Cognitive Development.
5. Language Development.
6. The Development of Arts and Creativities.
7. Parenting.
8. Early Childhood Educational Institution Management.
9. Early Childhood Development Assessments.
10. Early Childhood Development Psychology.
11. Empowerment of Early Childhood.
12. Early Childhood Learning Strategies.
13. Early Childhood Learning Curriculum.
14. Educational Game Tools in Early Childhood Education.
15. Learning Medias in Early Childhood Education.
16. Innovations in Early Childhood Education.
17. Early Childhood Nutritions and Health